A View Of The City Of Chengdu From The Chengdu Universiade
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      This city, with its deep historical and cultural heritage, has always been the focus of attention. In recent years, with the development of the city, Chengdu has gradually become one of the cities attracting attention at home and abroad.


      This summer, Chengdu hosted the 31st Summer Universiade, another major international event after hosting the Western China International Expo in 2018.


      The holding of the Chengdu Universiade is not only an affirmation of Chengdu's urban development, but also a demonstration and promotion of Chengdu's urban culture. Chengdu has a long history and unique culture, such as Sichuan opera, Chengdu culture, Sichuan hot pot, panda flower, etc., these elements are fully reflected in the Universiade.


      Through the Universiade, Chengdu not only shows its cultural charm to the world, but also promotes the development of the city's cultural industry and the promotion of its cultural tourism brand.


        The Universiade in Chengdu is also another important opportunity for urban marketing. Through the Universiade, Chengdu attracts the world's attention and shows its city image and tourism resources to domestic and foreign tourists.

        Looking at the city from the Chengdu Universiade, you can see the great potential and opportunities that this city contains. The Universiade will provide Chengdu with more opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation, and promote the city's economic development and cultural prosperity.


At the same time, it is also an important opportunity to once again show the unique charm and image of Chengdu to the world.

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