2022 Doosansports Labor day Holiday Company Outdoor Team Building Activity
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Our company arranged Outdoor team building activities yearly , aiming to group bonding and engagement exercises that take place outside. . The purpose of these outings is to get fresh air and sunshine while building camaraderie and trust with groups of teammates.

As 12 years teamwear factory , we hold company outdoors activity yearly to enrich our company employees life after busy working days  . Treating company as a big family . 

1---Outdoor number cycling games #1 to #10

 Counting can be a wonderful outdoor group activity. Setting up  1-10 in a circle requires collaboration and action mutually one after another . After circles or several numbers ,  team member  may fail following correctly ,then the wrongly counting member will be raised over by whole team till he says i will take care on next run .During this game , all members are exciting with laughing faces .

2----Outdoor self cooking in Farm yard. 

 Cooking  emphasize teamwork. To set fire ,   preparing vegetable and meat,eggs , fish and rice , to cook with own ability ,  teams will need continuous passion   to teammates. Before the begins, everyone is  hungry for lunch .All members need to  take part to cook for joy and meal during whole noon .

3---Leisure afternoon free walking on sea beach ,self helped motorboat riding 

Most popular  activities for our  company based in Shenzhen City ,  3 sides facing Southern China Sea. Nanao village and Yangmeiken touring site are open to all guests for beach walking , motorboat riding ,and photo taking .

Workmate can  have own arrangement.  check out the wildlife,  while taking in amazing views. Simply pick a path, pack plenty of water, sunscreen, a map, and snacks, and set out together around the beach. Feel free to stop at scenic overlooks to take team pictures.Here we have wonderful afternoon.Then Our Company’s   2022 Labor day one day Travelling ends with sunset going down.